Irene Tobis, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Psychology from the UW - Madison in 1990, studying allocation of attention with applications in self-management of behavior and experience. Her practice then focused on helping clients manage stress and anxiety. In this work, she had occasion to offer advice on various aspects of personal productivity, and began offering on-site consultations in that vein as a separate business in 1997. Irene helps people make better use of their attention and their energies. She designs strategies tailored to clients' individual skills, talents, styles and preferences. Her goal is first to get people past feeling overwhelmed, then to build skills toward greater productivity and satisfaction See also irenetobis.com.

Michael Tobis, Ph.D. received his Masters Degree in Systems Engineering from Carleton University in Canada. He has had extensive experience with information systems large and small, building a custom parallel computer for his 1996 Ph.D. at the UW - Madison, pursuing postdoctoral research was at the Mathematics and Computer Science division of Argonne National Laboratory, and he managing a team of programmers at a web-services company. Michael brings an information theory outlook to work process design. His approach to knowledge problems of all sizes is to seek the best way to use available information, taking into account the risks of complexity, the benefits of completeness, and the available tools.

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