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Ducks-in-a-Row® Efficiency Consultants' Book:

Managing Multiple Projects

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We wrote this book based on our observations that traditional time management methods weren't working for a lot of people, particularly knowledge workers and their managers. Many of these people strive for formal project management methods, only to find that these are too difficult to maintain for workloads that include a large number of small projects.

Managing Multiple Projects; McGraw-Hill, 2002  

This book is our effort to fill the gap. While we show you a formal method for detecting overcommitment, and give you a lot of ideas for how to keep all your balls in the air, we can't solve your problems for you. What we can do for you is give you the ideas and the tools you need to solve these problems for yourself.

The book will help you to

  • identify whether you or your staff are overcommitted
  • help you escape from work crunches
  • help you understand and promote the changes that are needed to avoid future crises
  • help you plan your own efforts and thhose of your workgroup
  • manage effectively, minimizing error and embarassment

This isn't our last word on the subject by any means, but on the other hand we haven't seen this material presented in this way anywhere. We hope that by publishing a book, we can help many more people will be able to benefit from our approach to effective high-value knowledge work.

You can order one right now and find out how we can help!

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